Create huge folder by one click.

Some times we need to create huge folder at a time in different named.
Windows user can create huge folder to a click if they need to it.

-So at first click right button on the Desktop. 
-Select New then click Text Document. 

-Open this Notebook.
-And write “MD Azad Akiv Rafi Jasim Gafur Riad Imtiaz Abulkalam Prince William” (write without quotation).
  In this above “MD” is essential to write but rest of folder names you can change by spacing.
-Then click file and click save as.
-write “Create folder.bat” (write without quotation).


-Look an uncommon folder on the desktop which name is “Create folder”.


-So click this folder.
-Look 10 folders on the Desktop which folder names are Azad, Akiv, Rafi, Jasim, Gafur, Riad, Imtiaz, Abulkalam, Prince and William.

-So you can create 1 to unlimited folder to one click.

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