Set Your Message at the beginning in windows welcome screen

You can set your name or any massage at the beginning in windows welcome screen. This is not to be installed any software. You can do this easily from the Windows Run menu.

-At first click start menu then click Run menu
-Type REGEDIT in Run menu

-Find out SOFTWARE and one click

-Find out MICROSOFT and one click

-Find out WINDOWS NT and one click
-Find out CURRENT VERSION and one click

-Find out WINLOGON and one click

-Double click LEGAL NOTICE CAPTION from right side box.
-Will see a new box as below, type a heading i.e. Imtiaz Uddin then clicks OK.

-Then double click LEGAL NOTICE TEXT from right side box.
-Will see a new box here, type a welcome massage then clicks OK.
-Will see a welcome massage in your windows welcome screen when your computer will start or restart.

If the welcome screen and the message you want to stop, then in the same manner to delete welcome massage.

-Double click LEGAL NOTICE CAPTION from right side box then delete heading and click OK.
- Double click LEGAL NOTICE TEXT from right side box then delete welcome massage and click OK.


How to remove duplicate files?

-Usually we work copy and paste into our computer. In this situation, many of the same or  duplicate file are being in different folders and drives.

-It is disgusting to find out the duplicate files to delete or remove.Duplicate Cleaner” is very   effective software to detect and remove duplicate files.

-This software can be scanned to find out Photo, audio, video, word documents
and text files to remove duplicate file not main file.

-To Download “Duplicate Cleaner” then clicks here.
-Install this software.
-Click to Scan now button.

-File are scanning.

-Then click remove file button to remove duplicate file.


Refresh your RAM.

Many files are created using the Windows and these files are used virtual memory. But these files can reduce computer speed.
You can delete these files when shut down your computer. 
-At first click start menu.
-Go to control panel.
-Performance and maintenance. 

-Click Administrative Tools.

-Click Local Security Policy.

-Select Security Settings.

-Click Local Policies.
-Click Security Option. 
-Find out “Shutdown: Clear virtual memory page file” form right side.
-Double click to “Shutdown: Clear virtual memory page file” option.

-Then Select Enable and click to OK.

In the computer closing time the computer virtual memory page file will be automatically deleted.


Hide a part of Hard Drive by using command prompt.

You can hide any Drive of your Computer Hard Drive by using command prompt.

-At first click start menu.
-Then click to Run menu.
-Type cmd and hit Enter.
-Type in command prompt Diskpart after c:\Documents and Settings\Administrator (it may be Administrator = your user name).


-Press Enter.
-Type list volume after DISKPART.

-Press Enter. You will see a list your all drives volume number.

(Now write volume number of your desired drive which drive you want to hide. For example, if you want to hide D drive, then write volume number of D drive then enter.  Here volume number of D drive is 2.)

-So write select volume 2 after DISKPART>


-Then write remove letter D after DISKPART>

Now, if you want to unhide drive again,
It is in the same way but only writes assign letter D instead of remove letter D then close the Command Prompt.



How to disable Auto-run?

How to disable Autorun?
(It’s only Windows Pro.)

You can it as follows: 

-At first click Start menu then click Run menu.
-Write gpedit.msc
-Press enter.
-Select Computer Configuration
-Select Administrative Templates
-Select System

-Select and double click Turn off Auto-play

-Select Setting and click Enable
-Select All Drives form Auto-play off on area.

-Then press OK.


How to change Drive Icon?

Anybody can change her Hard Drive Icons. It’s very easy to change Drive Icon.

-At first choose a Drive which Drive’s icon will be changed.
-Collects an icon picture and put in selected Drive.
-Then open Notepad.


-Write at first line:          [autorun]
-Write at second line:    icon= Grenade1.ico
-“Grenade1.ico” is Icon picture name.
-Save to “autorun.inf” in your selected Drive.


-Then restart your Computer.


How to remove unexpected files from operating system?

Many unnecessary files are stored in our hard drive of windows operating system. Delete unnecessary files on the hard drive on your operating system.
To clean unnecessary file: 

-At first go to start menu then click Run.
-Write “Cleanmgr” (without quotation).


-Press OK.
-Select the drive you want to clean up unnecessary files.


-Now that you want to delete unnecessary files, contains the check mark.


-Yes Click to clear the drive simply.


-Check your drive space, you drive space are increased.

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