Earn by playing games & etc.

People string

-We are using internet for any necessity.
-We are using search engine Google for searching anything.
-We are sign-up e-mail account, we send e-mail, and we check mail.

-Sometimes we are playing games
-But we can’t earn to use above this
-Do you believe, you can earn money to use above this?

-Yes! You can earn money to search, check e-mail, play games, referring, and log-in. You earn point not money but you can convert point into money after a month.

-You will get .10$ for sign-up bonus, you will get .10 for every log-in and .50$ for referral bonus. You can earn referral commission and it will be continuing.

-You can send request to your friends by one click.
-You can earn point to play games. These games are: Gusses Which Hand, Prize Wheel, and People Lotto. You can get point minimum 10 and up to 5000 to play games. Your time spend only 5 minute to play each game.

-You can create own blog, free post ads and use this site as Facebook.
-So don’t late, to sign-up click here.

-You can withdraw money if you have minimum 25$ and withdraw by Alert pay. If you don’t have Alert pay account then click here.

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