Use your Pen drive as a RAM.


Pen Drive

Use your Pen drive as a RAM.

You can use your pen drive as a RAM and your computer’s speed will be increased. You require minimum 2 GB or 4 GB Pen drive.
At first connect your pen drive with computer. Now go your “My computer icon” and
-click right button then go properties menu.
-Click advanced
-Go Performance
-Click Settings
-Click Advanced
-Go Change option
-Select Pen drive from Drive (volume label) menu
-Select Custom Size Option
-Type number of capacity (which capacity you use as a Ram) in Initial Size and Maximum Size box.
-You should type maximum 80% capacity of your pen drive.
If your pen drive’s capacity is 4 GB (4GB=4096MB)
Then type 3276 MB in Initial and 3276 MB in Maximum box.
-Click Apply/OK.
-Windows have two type of Memory to do work.
-1st is Physical Memory and 2nd is Virtual Memory.
-Virtual Memory is only for Hard Disk.
-In this project, we use Pen Drive as a Virtual Memory.

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